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This is an image of three employees from Ford Office Technologies. Specifically, they are Hunter Kovacs, Brecken Sickles, and Doug Sanner. This picture was taken during a video shoot in the Ford warehouse. Ford Office Technologies is a client of Authentic Avenue.


This is a symbol representing the logo for Ford Office Technologies, a client of Authentic Avenue.

Ford Office Technologies, a managed office IT and device solutions firm based in Connellsville, PA, leverages Authentic Avenue for full-service video production. In direct support of its marketing function, AuthAve turns each shoot day into a month's worth of content featuring Ford's leadership team, support staff, and other members of the organization. Whether it's to enhance Ford's digital presence with rich snippets supporting its highest-traffic webpages, its recruitment efforts, or across its social media: Ford relies upon Authentic Avenue to maintain a fresh stream of high-quality video.

Plus, it's extremely efficient. In one case, Ford team members spent 19 minutes with Authentic Avenue... and yielded a month of content.

Below are a few examples of Authentic Avenue's work with Ford.


Thiis is Julie King, Marketing Director for Ford Office Technologies. This image appears on a page from the website of Authentic Avenue, of which Ford is a client. This image accompanies a client testimonial from Julie and Ford.
Julie King
Marketing Director
We have been utilizing content in this fashion that Adam Conner filmed for us... 

It has literally been a no-brainer... one idea = 4 weeks of no stress. I highly recommend having a conversation with him at the very least. Thank you for being awesome Adam...
Your thought process and creativity are an integral part of any business’ needs...
I’m glad we got in at the beginning while we can still afford you.

How could you benefit from a stress-free video content experience, like Ford?

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