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This is an image which is the overall cover for It Pays to Know, the official podcast of Infinicept, an embedded payments company. Infinicept is a client of Authentic Avenue.


This is a logo for Infinicept, an embedded payments technology company. Infinicept is a client of Authentic Avenue.

Infinicept, a finance technology company specializing in solutions for providing embedded payments and payments facilitation (PayFac), was in search of a way to more creatively feature its strategic partners and clients -- and, perhaps more importantly, to attract new potential business relationships. Infinicept's leadership recognized Authentic Avenue's prowess and history in building podcasts for this specific purpose, and tapped AuthAve to serve as the support function for it. 

The result: It Pays to Know, Infinicept's official podcast which brings senior executives across vertical SaaS, the investment community, payment companies and banks – and learn about what today’s payments pioneers have to say about tomorrow.

Below are a few examples of Authentic Avenue's work with Infinicept.


Could building your brand's own official podcast serve as an authentic, creative tool to tell your stories, and those of your partners, while sparking new relationships?

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