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This is an image which is the overall cover for The Future of Fandom, which is the official podcast of LiveLike. LiveLike's client, Authentic Avenue, produced the podcast.


This is the symbol logo of LiveLike, a marketing technology company specializing in fan engagement solutions. LiveLike is a partner of Authentic Avenue.

LiveLike, a marketing technology company specializing in fan engagement solutions for the entertainment world, sought to build content by documenting perspectives of Chief Digital Officers, CMOs and founders across multiple key verticals alongside its entertainment base. It tapped Authentic Avenue to serve as the end-to-end, full service production resource for this content. Authentic Avenue built The Future of Fandom, LiveLike's official podcast through which it could foster and amplify these conversations... and build new business relationships as a result.

Key results: 67% lead-to-opportunity conversion rate; clips accounted for the brand’s top 4 social posts in its first year (13 of its top 20); built relationships within its priority prospects in its first year, including 8 of its key fintech targets at the CXO level and the CMO of its #1 overall target account.

Below are a few examples of Authentic Avenue's work with LiveLike.


This is Hurriyeh Iftikhar, VP Marketing at LiveLike. Hurriyeh partnered with Authentic Avenue to create LiveLike's podcast, The Future of Fandom. This image accompanies a testimonial of Authentic Avenue's work.
Hurriyeh Iftikhar
VP Marketing
Authentic Avenue are relentless operators that operate as part of your marketing and sales team!
Adam's efforts turned our podcast into a community where experts discuss and share the next big moves. The rich bite-sized content he shared per episode amplified our content strategy and aided our efforts to increase our social presence by approximately 500%!
In short, Adam and Authentic Avenue are your best partners to position your brand as a thought leader, help build new relationships, and expand your network equity. Rich, Authentic, and Engaging content! Everyone at LiveLike will vouch for Adam's stellar worth ethic and outstanding services. 

How many of your dream prospects could you attract with a creative content approach?

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