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This is an image from a networking event hosted by The Pittsburgh Business Exchange (PBEX). Specifically this is a golf outing. PBEX is a client of Authentic Avenue.


This is a logo for The Pittsburgh Business Exchange, known as PBEX. PBEX is a client of Authentic Avenue.

The Pittsburgh Business Exchange (PBEX), a well-known business networking organization serving Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, had a problem. They were masters of physical networking events, and commanded a strong in-person presence from its members and sponsors. But: outside of photos taken at those events, there was very little digital or social content to speak of.

Needing a solution, PBEX tapped Authentic Avenue to serve as its driving force for social and digital content. Through it, Authentic Avenue managed PBEX's social media as well as developed an original content series, The Exchange, through which PBEX could more deeply feature its valued partners.

The result: rich, engaging video content to couple with its events prowess, and a new revenue center for its business.


Below are a few examples of Authentic Avenue's work with PBEX.


How can you use video to creatively showcase your people, or even
create a new revenue stream?

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