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Meet Chelsea Maclin, Lunchclub's Brand New CMO

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

This is the Authentic Avenue podcast episode featuring Chelsea Maclin, CMO of Lunchclub, with host Adam Conner.

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Lunchclub, an invite-only platform dubbed the future of business networking, announced today that Chelsea Maclin will be joining the team as Chief Marketing Officer.

So, naturally, we had to get a podcast together for day 1!

Today, Chelsea shares her journey to Lunchclub and what makes it such a great opportunity, including what she looks for in a brand and why Lunchclub meets it. We talk about her experience in personal networking from Bumble, and how it can apply to the business networking world.

We follow along to a few stories of networking success via the Lunchclub platform, including new partnerships, investments, and charitable efforts. Here is one such story:

Reaching out to share a story about serendipity on Lunchclub.

I've done about a dozen meetings now and one of them turned into a great project to help severely malnourished children in Nigeria.

On July 7/24 I met Chris on a Lunchclub call. We talked about work and our love of cycling. Towards the end of our time together he mentioned that he was putting together a fitness class for some friends and wanted to find a non-profit to donate any proceeds to. I mentioned a project I'm involved in and the work we do at Active For Good (helping to solve world hunger for kids combined with helping people getting active).

Long story short, Chris and I ended up booking a second call and eventually working together. The result of our meeting was over 16,000 life-saving therapeutic meal packets to kids in Nigeria, which is enough to deliver full treatments to 110 children. These packets are more than food, they are administered by a health worker to young children who are sometimes days away from death. With over a 95% success rate these packets are truly life-saving! Crazy. Chris and I talk about how we almost hung up the call that day without even talking about the class he was going to do.

The irony that your app is called Lunchclub and it actually provided meals to kids in need. Amazing.

Just thought I would share, it was too good of a story not to.

(Additionally, shout out to Jessica Alderson, founder of So Synced, who raised $1 million via a connection she made on Lunchclub!)

All this revolves around authentic connection -- so, towards the end, Chelsea shares her advice for how to find your own.

By the way, if you would like to join Lunchclub, check out the above invite link and you can get in! I'll put it again here:

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Adam Conner: [00:00:00] On today's show and exclusive look at day one of Lunchclub, new chief marketing officer. Let's get right into it on this Authentic Avenue.

Lunchclub is a self pronounced AI, super connector, allowing like-minded professionals all over the world to connect virtually and network on the things that they are passionate about. It makes sense then that their brand new chief marketing officer, as of today, that's right. This is day one is Chelsea Maclin.

Chelsea who came from Bumble was previously a vice-president. There has been working with Lunchclub a little bit behind the scenes, but today she steps into the post as their lead storyteller. And with me talks all about what that means, what sort of experience she carries over from Bumble, her views on authenticity.

Of course. And we go a little bit into how. Lunchclub works the way in which they bring people together with this matching algorithm will be familiar to anybody who's been dating via apps over the last few years. And I think it's a really clever way to bring people together, especially in our increasingly remote world in the business world.

I've been on the platform a little while myself, and I'll also include a link in the show notes today as to how you can join Lunchclub. But for now, let's hear from the person who will be driving that brand forward from inside the club. Sit back with me. Relax. Maybe think about how you can network a little more creatively and listen in as I get real with Lunchclub and their new COO on day one, Chelsea Maclin, Jesse.

Thank you so much for joining us on day one. How was it? And how are you? Oh,

Chelsea Maclin: [00:01:39] I'm doing great. Thank you so much for having me today.

Adam Conner: [00:01:41] I, I was lucky in that a few weeks ago. I think coincidentally, somebody at Lunchclub wrote me. You know, we know we don't normally invite people, but we're inviting you just to try it out.

And I was like, oh, I feel awfully special. That's great. Uh, try it out. And so I've been doing it. I've had a couple of meetings, a couple have been a couple of worked a couple haven't, but that's all right. I'm networking, which is what Lunchclub is all about. And the way in which it happens is particularly interesting.

I'm going to talk about all of that today, especially for listeners who don't know what Lunchclub is yet. Hopefully they will learn as we go on via your storytelling abilities. But first, why don't you tell me how you got here? Did they knock on your door? I mean, you were just at Bumble. My God. So you know all about matching people in networking in one capacity.

What about the professional pole brought you to Lunchclub?

Chelsea Maclin: [00:02:33] That's a good question. So I have always been interested. And sort of the intersection of three different things. One is human connection. One is cutting edge technology and trends. And the last is how those two can work together to drive social progress or social impact.

So I was connected with Vlad, the CEO and founder of Lunchclub last fall. And we started to have some really interesting conversations, really, really interesting conversations, uh, and. I got really, really excited about the prospect of working with LOD, who is absolutely brilliant, his incredible team and working towards sort of a perfect match of those three interests of mine and passions of mine with a like-minded founder and team and incredible product.

Um, so we started working together in a consulting capacity just about two months ago now. And I've been advising and consulting sort of early and mid stage tech companies for awhile now, but this was just sort of a perfect fit and not to make a matchmaking fund. But

Adam Conner: [00:03:50] I, the way I was going to ask the question first, which is like, how'd you find your match, but I figured that it'll come up.

Chelsea Maclin: [00:03:56] Yeah.

Um, so, so yeah. Um, and just by way of introduction, I'm I, um, Have always been in consumer oriented tech and mostly experienced with, with supporting communities of women, but also all sorts of folks. I live in Austin, Texas with my partner, Wilson and my two year old Quinn and two dogs and three chickens,

Adam Conner: [00:04:21] three chickens, three chickens out of the dogs and the chickens interact with it just yet.

Scott put a big backyard that all just like, are they outside dogs? How does that work? Are the inside chickens? I guess that's another thing. Yeah,

Chelsea Maclin: [00:04:32] they're there in their coop. Yeah. They're they're inside chickens. And outdoor dogs.

Adam Conner: [00:04:37] Wait, what? Hold on a minute. I go back. Cause it sounds like you said there were inside chickens.

I've never heard of that. Inside their coop. Oh, oh, oh God. I was thinking like, what the heck is going down there in Austin? It was crazy.

Chelsea Maclin: [00:04:50] Um, no, no, but actually the chickens are lovely and I do have some friends who have them as house pets and they have their own little personalities.

Adam Conner: [00:04:59] I would not have guessed that, but I'm learning something here about you as well as the, uh, the new opportunity at hand.

Well, that's a that's good. And Hey, by the way, you know, I was thinking about this as I've gone through Lunchclub and, and, and listeners, hopefully, you know, at some point you'll either get on the platform yourself or be invited or connect via it. It's actually a really nice bridge for you coming from bumblebee because it was all about right.

I mean, the main thing about Bumble is that the, the ladies reach out first and you put in the power in their hand to make the connection or choose that connection. And that's something which is. Obviously needed in the professional world as well from the aspect of, uh, of equality of opportunity of the ability to, to, to make those connections.

So it sounds like you'll be able to do something similar there, which is needed.

Chelsea Maclin: [00:05:55] Yeah. I mean, I sure hope so. I, I, as I've shared with you, I think traditional networking has always been limited. It's been limited by geography by socioeconomic status by age, by race, by ethnicity and Lunchclub has an opportunity to break down those barriers and drive new conversations.

New partnerships, new hires, give people access to. Community access to opportunity, access to inspiration, and especially coming out of COVID just access to connection that so many of us are, or have been extremely lonely. There's so much research around the rising epidemic of loneliness. And I see Lunchclub as a way to help across all of those different points.

Adam Conner: [00:06:44] And it's not bad then. Oh, go ahead. Go ahead, Chelsea.

Chelsea Maclin: [00:06:47] Oh, I was just going to say it, you know, we're still in early stages, but the platform is making enormous impact already. So you've, you've tried Lunchclub, you know, you join, you sign up, you. Tell us a little bit about your objectives and your goals. And then the AI does its magic and you meet with someone or you meet with some people, and there's already a ton of incredible member stories from meeting the right person.

Um, whether it's finding their first business partner or making incredible new. Partnership, some fundraising, new businesses, um, something that we just did, which I'm really excited about is just a simple update to a landing page. So if you're first signing in for Lunchclub, you can see all of these wonderful success stories, um, from folks that have used Lunchclub for all sorts of


And I'm going to ask about those stories in just a second, because once you do sign in there, that is very much currently focused on the match. Who are you meeting? When are you meeting them? And there's also this network score, which I think is quite interesting. I almost at first attributed to a credit score and I was like, no, cause that implies, you could have bad credit and a bad network, and there's not really a bad network, just an underdeveloped one, but it gives you the opportunity as you meet with new people.

And as you commit to those meetings, which is another point of Lunchclub, which I thought has been, has been interesting or, or certainly a question mark, how to improve the. Your the way that your network is portrayed simply by meeting new people. Well, which is not the easiest to do if you are, even if you're in an office right now at like one organization, right.

It becomes very insular. There's not too much opportunity outside of these like broad networking events that, oh, I do. I want to really trudge out it, you know, Wednesday at six o'clock to go and meet someone. Maybe, maybe not, especially if you're in a distributed workforce, but, um, you know, that becoming easier in this.

I don't want to say gamified because that's such a, such a crazy word. Everybody can be gamifying anything, but in a way that is like improving your scores of community. It is a nice way to, to do that without coming off as burdensome and these stories result. So I'll ask about those in a second. But you're so you're in the seat today.

Again, today is day one listeners. If you were tuning into this on Wednesday, may the 19th, this has just been announced. Chelsea is the CMO of Lunchclub as of today. So you've been consulting there for two months, but now that you're officially public and you're out there, what's the first order of business.

Hmm. Good question. So four core goals right now, the first one is to innovate and transform the community and provide an incredible member experience, both online and offline. So we'll come back to that. Offline piece in a minute. The second goal is to build a world-class brand that lives up to the purpose and the value and the connections that we're promising.

The third is to accelerate growth and importantly, that first-class experience and world-class brand are critical to accelerating growth, um, especially around. Supporting the brand champions that already exist within the platform. And then lastly build a world-class team. Uh, we're, we're really small and mighty right now, and there's two of us full time, but as new CMO, I'm super excited to build on the strong foundation, 15 X growth in this last year and bring, um, bring on some amazing talent.

I mean, I certainly hope so. You got to do something to, to harness that growth and keep it going, shoot. And, uh, you know, even though that your, your team might not go from two to 30 in a given year, I mean, I'm sure that'd be awesome for you as an opportunity, but, uh, you know, this, this user base, because of that, my guess is that you have seen, even in the last two months, the stories that are being told in terms of quantity of them have exponentially increased.

That's just my bet based on. You know, any rate of acceleration that's reasonable here. So let's go into those stories for a moment because I, for instance, have been here on this platform for two weeks, three out of the five meetings actually happened shouts out to, to Grayson and to Ryan's actually who I met, uh, who were great chats.

And one of whom I'll have more conversations, but it sounds like from that login page, from your experience, there are some that are far beyond the, Hey, how you doing? Nice to meet you. Maybe I'll talk to you again, funding. Uh, new partnerships, charitable efforts would have been some of your favorites in terms of stories that have resulted from connections sparked on the Lunchclub platform.

So far.

Good question. There's so many, I might have to follow up with you and send you even more, but I'll tell you a few of my favorites. Uh, just last week I interviewed Jessica Alderson. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing her name. I'll double check with her after this, that she just recently started in the last year.

A new app called so sinked that's based on your personality type and matches you for dates. And she just got her first million dollar check from her lead investor and they are her and her sister are co-founders and they're building this product based on a need that they both personally experienced, but also saw in the world.

And that. Folks we're craving deeper, more meaningful connections. And I love that because there's obviously some similarities, um, from, from Lunchclubs perspective, in terms of helping people make really meaningful connections and at least have wonderful conversations that can open your mind to new ideas.

So if I can ask for a little bit of detail, these founders. Met somebody who wrote them a check on launch club that they just randomly matched via the algorithm via the AI that works in the background. They got together and they hit it off so well that a million dollar check was signed me. My God. That seems like crazy opportunity.

Yes, that's right. We're so excited for Jessica and her sister.

Adam Conner: [00:13:02] Wow. So yeah. There are obviously stories like that. Now I would love for them to happen everyday. My guess is it doesn't happen every day. But you mentioned there are other things to people who are just coming together to form businesses or new ventures.

And then obviously we talk a little bit before this, talk to you about the charitable efforts and feeding people. I thought that was interesting too.

Chelsea Maclin: [00:13:23] Yeah. So I actually haven't interviewed these two folks yet, but I'm really looking forward to it. Um, we actually had two people meet on Lunchclub who ended up having.

And hours and hours and hours of conversation who essentially accelerated a nonprofit to give out more than 15,000 meals across Africa. Uh, so. There's lots of conversations and lots of meaningful connections that are happening like this on Lunchclub. And like I said, definitely across sort of the new opportunity space, but also in terms of creating new value for the world.

And that's another reason I got so excited about Lunchclub, because I think a lot of times you hear about AI is value extraction. And, and this is really about value creation. So helping you find that needle in a haystack connection, that you might never have the opportunity to connect with across the world or sitting next to you in a coffee shop, but you never, you never meet, you know, and pairing you based on your goals, your values, your objectives, your interests, and helping you have a conversation that could create something really new and something really important.

And that value creation aspect, I think really differentiates the Lunchclub from the current social media landscape. That, and the fact that actually, when it was at its very early stages, Lunchclub was a platform that helped you make offline connections. So before this virtual meeting world that we've entered in the last 12 months, Lunchclub actually paired you with someone that you would truly go out to lunch with.

And so really unique to see a platform or social platform, incentivize people to go spend time in person together. And that's another element that was really attractive to me

Adam Conner: [00:15:20] about Lunchclub. Once you do interview that person, by the way, who is managing to feed all of these people in Africa? Well, I'll introduce them to the CMO feeding America.

Who, I'm not sure if you've met her. Name's Kathy Davis. She's been on this show before she knows me well, and hopefully she'll know these folks well as well, but those stories, I can't wait to have you keep telling them. And you mentioned that you're going to interview these people that implies there's a strategy in the background, churning in your head, a content strategy to make sure, sure.

That these stories of the club rise to the top. Now I cannot proceed in this interview without doing the thing that I always do, which is to talk about. What that means in terms of brand authenticity. Sometimes I ask people what, how they define the word. I think for this conversation, I'd like to ask how you think about being authentic when it comes to connecting with somebody in the professional.

World. Here's why at Bumble, there is a clear motivation on either side in making a connection, you are seeking personal satisfaction, relationships, emotional bonding, that sort of thing. In the professional world, there are so many more motivations. I mean, even on the Lunchclub platform, you can select, what are you just trying to do?

You're just trying to meet some interesting people. Are you trying to find new partners? You're trying to invest. You're trying to sell something. There are so many different motivators. How do you authentically combine them? To create more of these wonderful stories.

Chelsea Maclin: [00:16:52] What authenticity means to Lunchclub is definitely that combination of people and purpose.

And so if the purpose of Lunchclub or one of the many purposes of Lunchclub is to help increase the. Value of the connections that you're making and the connections that you're making in general, by removing some of those historical boundaries, like geography or accessibility to a network. I said about the community itself and holding them accountable and helping them have the tools to make really wonderful connections.

And. The collective purpose and outcome of those connections. So whether those be for creating new opportunity in the short term, more than your term, finding inspiration, or just finding connection and having a meaningful conversation with someone. And that will definitely be a core part of our strategy and my strategy as I joined the team.

And as we work together to build this third wave of connection,

Adam Conner: [00:18:02] Third wave of connection. That's a nice way to put that. And there are so many different stories. Of course, you're being told we've gone over a few of them here. Sounds like you are starting to construct some of them to be put either on that splash page or over let's say the next year, the way I would think of that.

And again, I'm going back to what I normally do here is this is a businesses specific. Avenues to authenticity for you. All right. Now, it's in telling those stories of made connection and the value as opposed to value extracted, given the, the fact that you are fresh in the seat. I don't expect you to have a fully matured answer to this question, but I am curious what you believe.

Our Lunchclubs, specific avenues to authenticity. How will you tell these stories? How do you anticipate to manifest the brand? And let's use that one year timeline just because it's, it's nice to do

Chelsea Maclin: [00:18:55] well. How will I use the stories to, to build the brand? I think meeting people where they are so absolutely telling the stories on platform, if we can telling the stories across.

Social across in person events when those are back and forth, worse across all of the different touch points that we know our members or potential members will be excited to hear them. And specifically in the moments when you're feeling as a member, either anxious or. Fearful. I know that personally, when I was filling out my Lunchclub profile before joining the team, there was there's that moment of imposter syndrome.

When you're filling out your bio or you're thinking about your goals and objectives. And to me, those moments are, are wonderful opportunities to remind people of. Not only what can happen from these connections, but how powerful and wonderful and intelligent that they are as, as people too.

Adam Conner: [00:19:58] Can I admit, I felt that as well.

I mean, when I was filling out the platform, I, because first of all, you know, I joined the platform and I could fill out like all these, like, uh, what am I interested in? What do I like to do in my spare time? All that stuff. And to be honest, in the first couple of seconds, I just skip those. And I was like, let me just see what this platform is all about.

High test, get by those questions, thinking I'll come right back to them. The first thing I saw was a network score. And I didn't even know how they had that, I guess that's cause I, when we'll talk about how one ramps onto this platform in a second, because I do want to do that because people are probably listening to this being like what the heck even is launch club and we'll get to in a moment.

But then I went back and that imposter syndrome for me, trickled in via this. Urge to not self aggrandized, but certainly to like put my best foot forward and to say like, oh, I'm a, I'm a leader in blah, blah, blah. I am. I'm really great at bubble, even if I'm just like trying to step in because, you know, I I'm, I'm a solo preneur, I guess I'm a one man show and I have been for the last nine months.

And so I almost feel like God, should I even be, I mean, I'm not like I don't have a million dollar business, you know what I mean? But at the same time, I want to make sure to. Show my own worth. And I guess like have a worth, you know what I mean? Um, which of course will blossom as I make these connections, but it's just, it's funny that you met, you know, that because like, how could you feel pastors that you're at the top of the heap you're at the top of you're telling, you're telling the stories that these guys are putting together.

How do you still feel imposter syndrome now that you're at the, I mean, now that you're at, you're at the pinnacle of a marketing at, of the marketing tree for this specific business, but you've been there for so long. Why, why do you still feel imposter syndrome?

Chelsea Maclin: [00:21:28] I think everybody feels imposter syndrome.

Yeah, I really, it's a good question. I think, I think no matter what, as a human, when you are representing yourself, there's a moment of doubt and I hope that Lunchclub, and I hope that whole platforms help us get over that because it's a silly thing, imposter syndrome, but it is something that unifies us in terms of a human experience for

Adam Conner: [00:21:58] sure.

I suppose, perhaps it just at different, at different levels, everybody's thinking. Cause like I've always thought in the way of like, gosh, I sure would like to elevate my off to some next level, but sort of in order to earn those conversations, I have to portray that at the beginning. Like when I, when I was doing podcast three years ago, I, I wrote big brand leaders being like, I produce podcasts with CMOs and for awhile, like for the first four, six weeks, like that was kind of true.

Cause I'd have a couple of people. Right. But it wasn't like, it wasn't like today where I can go be like, oh, I've talked to 200 folks like. It just, I saw, I guess I felt like a bit of an imposter even then, and now that I've done it a bunch, I still feel like, oh, you know, I'm not the best producer in the world.

I'm not the best connector in the world. I'm not like the Gary V keynote level speaker, although I'd like to be at some point, like there are, there are things along the way where I see that, um, where I see that trickling in and it may be solved or bandaged via some of these connections on the platform.

So let's dive in there and then I'll ask one more question about you at the very end, but let's, let's talk about Lunchclub, the platform for a moment. Um, how. So, how does it work? I get, I get invited anybody. You can go to launch How exactly does it work? Cause I know it's been invite only for awhile.

What, uh, somebody is interested in this, what do they do?

Chelsea Maclin: [00:23:08] To join Lunchclub, which is a closed community. You aren't either invited by a friend, which it sounds like you were, or you can sign up with your email. And once you sign up with your email, you go through a pretty simple onboarding process where you share a little bit about your objectives, your goals, your interests, and fill out a small profile.

And then after you share a little more information about yourself, we ask you to sign up for a meeting. That's when you sign up for a time that you're available and you can choose to do that out of a specific location, or you can choose to connect with anyone globally. And once you make that selection, the AI does its magic.

You tell us when you're free and throughout the week, depending on when your meeting is, you get an introduction to that person. And we'll share a little bit about both of you to each other. And then the hope is that meeting time. So it works out for both of you, but. Of course, people have to reschedule from time to time.

We let you as the members take it from there and that can blast something Boston into incredible long-term relationships or at the minimum. Hopefully you have a wonderful conversation and a new friend that can help you in some capacity in the future.

Adam Conner: [00:24:23] Okay. So you get on, you get onto the platform, you meet folks, you put in your interests, you have these wonderful meetings, but now I got to wonder.

Over the last year, this virtual get together has been invaluable for folks who can't go outside. We're starting to open up a little bit. Does Lunchclub have any intentions to return at least in part to its original purpose, which was to connect people outside of the webcam?

Chelsea Maclin: [00:24:47] Absolutely. We have heard from our members and we've also heard from consumer research that people are really interested in, excited to meet in person again.

And so of course we're taking a lot into consideration, like. How are people going to be able to share their comfort level or whether or not they've been vaccinated, et cetera, but we're thrilled to unveil some new features pretty soon that will allow people kind of based on your geography to have the option to meet in person.

And like I said, that's how Lunchclub originally started and how so many magical meetings began. And so Lunchclub. Innovative very quickly when COVID hit to provide members with a virtual experience. But like you said, we're really excited to give the option to meet in person again soon, depending on where you are.

Adam Conner: [00:25:38] Yeah. I might, I might jump in on that at least, at least a little bit. I just there's something about that sort of in-person connection me my God, if right now, so I'm based in Arlington, Virginia and in the DC area. Even if I connect with people around here. It is so easy for me to jump on here. If I have like a 30 minute call with them.

And I think it's great and be like, Hey, tell you what we, we can book another Google meet or zoom or whatever, but wow, let's go to the, you know, let's go to the coffee place down the street. My God, I can't wait to get back to that. And I think a lot of people, regardless of their current comfort level, relative given the pandemic, I think they want to get back there too.

So that's good. Glad that I can still coordinate those sorts of things or at least the connections whereby they come from through Lunchclub. That being again, that original purpose. Let me round out with this. It's our advice column. I asked this question to everybody and it's especially apt today. Not only because it's you putting your best foot forward on, but also because it relates to people putting themselves out there similar to how you would on a service that matches you for professional connection.

The question is how can you advise our listeners on how to build their own avenues to authenticity? I I'm talking personally here. It seems clear from our story, what you have done to build it. Your career, at least for the last four or five years has been based on matches. Do you a common connection matched you with the person that put you together with flat, right?

You did that consulting now you're matched together professionally and you were helping others to do so. How would you advise that people put their best foot forward, even when they may feel nervous? Or like an imposter to do so?

Chelsea Maclin: [00:27:18] So for me, the advice is to live your personal purpose too. And when you can connect that personal purse purpose to someone else or to a company's purpose or to a family member's purpose, it makes that relationship and that connection more meaningful.

And it also helps you listen in a new and different way. One of our. Lead investors. Nicole Quinn has a great quote. That is you have two ears and one mouth use them in that proportion. And...

Adam Conner: [00:27:55] That is a good quote.

Chelsea Maclin: [00:27:56] Isn't that wonderful? I've been saying that to myself a lot in the last. Few weeks, few months. Cause I think especially today, it's really easy to be distracted or to be pulled into other social platforms.

Um, and not to have conflicts stations with intention, with purpose. And when you do, and when you have those conversations with intent and purpose and optimism and positivity, even if it is. A conversation that doesn't necessarily lead to an immediate outcome. It leaves both party for the better. So I hope that I can do that in every conversation that I have.

And I hope that by working with Lunchclub and Lunchclub, as a platform can do that for millions and hopefully billions of people across the world

Adam Conner: [00:28:52] that it does too. Even in the last two weeks, it's been incredibly valuable to me too. Not only meet the people, but simply in the way that it works. So, so listeners anyway, ends up jumping on launch club, which I hope you do.

Like every day you are asked, like, do you want to meet this kind of person, that kind of person? And like, it gets better every single day. Like that practice, even that practice helps me define like, well, what do I really want? What do I really want to manifest? Who do I want to talk to? What purpose would I like to bring to light?

And it's good that what you believe personally, Is matched so closely with what you are now doing and by the way, great quote on the ears and mouth, I will go back and find that. I think I'm going to write it directly into the show notes because it's one of, it's one of the better quotes that I've heard here.

Um, truly. So I thank you for this. Again, everybody, as of today, this is day one, go check out Lunchclub for yourself. You can do, join the, you get invited to the community. See it, you know, I feel this kind of like close. If you know somebody that's going to be like, Hey, y'all Lunchclub wants to throw me an invite.

You know, they can do that for you. And from there, hopefully your stories blossomed, just like the ones told today. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing how this continues to proliferate and Chelsea, thank you very much for telling your side of the story. Hope you continue to tell them as the years pass.

Thank you so much, Adam. I think there is so much potential for growth. You're not only online, but offline as well. I think they have a heck of a lot releasing in the next year, which maybe we can return to for now. I really appreciate this. Look at Lunchclub Chelsea, and I'll be on the platform every single week that I can make it.

I've left a link in our show notes, which is an invite from me to join the platform. And if you're one of the three people signed up to meet me this week, can't wait to meet you. Whether you're there or not, you can get me here every single day weekend. You can find me on socials as well. LinkedIn, Adam Conner and Authentic Avenue.

You can also write me an email And I'd be happy to network with you there answer any questions. And if you're interested in diving into the podcast road yourself, well, I know a heck of a lot about that too. I'll continue telling stories right here. So until the next time I get real again with you.

Thanks for taking a walk with me down Authentic Avenue.



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