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This is a still image from a video shoot conducted by Authentic Avenue for the Professional Services Marketing Association of Pittsburgh, known as PSMA. This specific still features Mary Lou Harrison, Marketing Director of Grossman Yanak and Ford, as the speaker.


This is a logo for PSMA, the Professional Services Marketing Association, which is a group for law, accounting, and other professional services marketers based in Pittsburgh. PSMA is a client of Authentic Avenue.

The Professional Services Marketing Association of Pittsburgh, better known as PSMA, was lacking a video solution to share the perspectives of its members. In particular, it was looking for a way to celebrate its membership ahead of its 20th anniversary celebration.

Over three shoot days, Authentic Avenue took interviews with 7 longtime members of the organization and, from it, compiled a full-length celebration video and enough promotional clips to satisfy PSMA's media lead-up to the event, spanning several months.

Below are a few examples of Authentic Avenue's work with PSMA.


Are you looking for a creative and efficient way to feature your talent, members, or sponsors and fill your content calendar at the same time?

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