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This is the overall cover for Creator Upload, a podcast on the creator economy by Tubefilter, featuring Joshua Cohen of Tubefilter and Lauren Schnipper of Jellysmack. Tubefilter is a client of Authentic Avenue.


This is the logo of Tubefilter, a creator economy news source and blog. Tubefilter is a client of Authentic Avenue.

Tubefilter, an industry-leading news source and blog covering the creator economy, sought to enhance its podcast, Creator Upload, with video to bring further value of content to its audience.

To bring that content to life, Tubefilter partners with Authentic Avenue. Each week, its audience now enjoys edited clips from the podcast across social; primarily LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok

Below are a few examples of Authentic Avenue's work with Tubefilter.

Have a podcast already, and seeking to squeeze more value from its content, particularly with video?

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