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Gigi Robinson on How to Build a Content Creation Engine | Creator Conversations | Up and Adam

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Gigi Robinson (@itsgigirobinson) began her content creation career at USC via a social media club. By the time she graduated, she'd landed 13 brand deals and launched headfirst into taking her efforts full-time. Today, over 150,000 devoted followers are magnetized by her message -- and she's only just getting started. From her own socials and Spotify Live to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit spread, Gigi has paved an impressive journey thus far.

Today, she joins Adam Conner for an interview to illuminate that journey, share some tips & tricks, and touch on mental hurdles -- namely, how to overcome them.



Spotify show, Everything You Need is Within:

Originally recorded via LinkedIn Live, these Creator Conversations allow for a closer look at the business, and raw mechanics, of the way content creators tell their own story today.


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