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Justin Nguyen of Declassified Media on How to Grow Your TikTok Page Following | Up and Adam

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Justin Nguyen is the founder of Declassified Media, known best for its Declassified College following. In today's video, Justin explains the origin of Declassified, the ways he kept mentally tough in the early days, the ways he grew the following to its first 50-100k without a face -- and his new challenge: to once more go from 0 to 100k on a social page. No face, no promo, no help. I think we can all take something away from the raw mechanics of how Justin has grown -- hopefully you take away a few things! I know I did.

Here's that tommyinit video with Colin and Samir we mentioned:




00:00 Intro

01:35 Interview Starts

02:23 Why is Facebook copying TikTok?

05:58 What is Declassified Media?

06:48 How did Declassified start?

09:04 How Justin stayed mentally tough at the beginning

10:41 Habits and routines in trenches among varied social growth

13:14 Justin's first "no face" challenge

14:31 The origins of giving away $10,000 at graduation

15:13 The initial rush of doing 20 million views

17:00 What's new with Declassified

19:47 When will TikTok become the gold content standard?

21:00 How much money you make from 100 million TikTok views

25:42 The 0-100k growth challenge with no face

30:54 The raw mechanics Justin uses to optimize social growth

32:09 How Justin taught the TikTok algorithm

36:52 The rumor about the algorithm, who you watch, and how they watch you

38:57 What's the optimal TikTok posting cadence?

42:49 How tommyinit related YT and TT content to movies

45:45 The habits of the next great TikToker

49:13 Pulls and pushes from 100 views to 100 million

53:29 Outro and so long

Originally recorded via LinkedIn Live, these Creator Conversations allow for a closer look at the business, and raw mechanics, of the way content creators tell their own story today.


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