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BMO | Simeon Siegel: Do Investors Really Care About Authenticity?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

This is the cover for the Authentic Avenue podcast episode with Simeon Siegel, Managing Director at BMO Capital Markets, and host Adam Conner.

This is a link you can use to find Authentic Avenue, a marketing podcast hosted by Adam Conner, on Apple Podcasts. Remember to subscribe, rate, and review!

I've devoted the last two years to approaching the topic of authenticity in branding and marketing from the side of the organization doing it -- whether that be a startup or a Fortune 100 giant. And, through that time, there's always been a question nagging at me: do people outside of the brand bubble really care about this stuff? I mean, sure it looks good in a PR -- but does it actually benefit the value of a company?

That question has led me to today's interview. I'm on with Simeon Siegel, Managing Director at BMO Capital Markets. Simeon has deep retail knowledge (and is a perennial #1 institutional investor), and teaches me a thing or two about how brand authenticity has real-world impact on the numbers that matter to the market. Hopefully you learn a thing or two as well!


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