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Carat | Robert Schwartz and Kris Doerfler: What is Sustainable Media?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

This is the Authentic Avenue podcast episode featuring Robert Schwartz and Kris Doerfler from Carat, with host Adam Conner.

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We've talked about "sustainability" from time to time on this podcast. After all, many brands, especially those in consumer goods, are currently prioritizing it as integral to being an authentic provider or product.

Product. That's where I've heard this s-word. I haven't heard it before in terms of media. "Sustainable Media?" What is that? How do you make media more sustainable?

And, by the way, if there is a way to do it...why isn't everyone doing it already? Shouldn't that be the most authentic way to do things?

Well, today I have the pleasure of welcoming Robert Schwartz, Global CMO of Carat (which is within the Dentsu umbrella), and Kris Doerfler. Kris Doerfler serves as a Media & Data Ethicist and Applied Futurist for Carat.

On this episode, we learn all about what sustainable media -- an effort which Carat is spearheading -- is. (Plus, I learn a little more about Kris's title. Have you ever heard of that one?)

Here are some other resources to help you learn about sustainable media:

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GARM (Global Alliance For responsible Media) -

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Academic Group:

For Tech Designers:


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