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Coldwell Banker | David Marine: Was 2020 the Perfect Time to Rebrand?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

This is the cover for the Authentic Avenue podcast episode featuring David Marine, Chief Marketing Officer of Coldwell Banker, and host Adam Conner.

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Imagine you've spent nearly your entire career committed to a single business. You perform so well that, after almost 20 years of service, you sit at the very top. The business, over a century old in its own right, is to undergo a rebrand which will give it a new look for the first time in 40 years -- and you're the one leading the charge.

To most people, this would be a career-defining moment. It would for this interviewer.

Now imagine nearing that fateful moment -- a moment meticulously planned and methodically staged for rolled out. And then, just two days prior, the world derails.

How would you describe a situation like that? Worst-case scenario? Or "perfect?"

David Marine, the Chief Marketing Officer of Coldwell Banker, chose the latter. Today, our conversation spans that rebrand story and extends to a conversation on changing consumer behavior, digitizing real estate transactions, agents as influencers, and even a few unexpected topics like the ever-changing ad creation process and the streaming wars.


See a few pieces David himself has written here on Coldwell Banker's Blue Matter.


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