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Evolution of Smooth | Soyoung Kang: Lip Service Isn't Enough

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

This is the cover for the Authentic Avenue podcast episode featuring Soyoung Kang, Chief Marketing Officer at Evolution of Smooth (eos), and host Adam Conner.

Y’all better pucker up. Because today, we’re having a chat about chap. But you won’t hear about it from my lips. From whose, you may ask? Well you’ll just have to tune in to find out on this episode of Authentic Avenue.

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Evolution of Smooth. Also known as eos, this Gen Z juggernaut has taken great care to disrupt personal care with its lip and body products.

There’s a real product junkie at the helm as well. Today you’ll meet Soyoung Kang, their Chief Marketing Officer. And I say juggernaut because she’s led her team not only to be where Gen Z is (namely TikTok), but also to align with causes that fit with the overarching brand mission as well as to do better to be a brand for all people. I can guarantee it takes a whole lot more than lip service.

Today, we talk about how to Shea Better, why egg on your face isn’t always a bad thing, and what eos is doing to pull up for change within its racial representation among its ranks. So pucker up and enjoy as I get real with Evolution of Smooth and Soyoung Kang..



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