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Holden | Andrew Lim: Inclusivity on Your Finger

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

This is the cover for the Authentic Avenue podcast episode featuring Andrew Lim, Co-Founder of Holden, and host Adam Conner.

This is a link you can use to find Authentic Avenue, a marketing podcast hosted by Adam Conner, on Apple Podcasts. Remember to subscribe, rate, and review!

I've noticed this year that people I know are getting engaged at a faster clip than normal. Maybe it's because I'm in my late 20s...but I think it has something to do with the fact that people have taken 2020 stay-at-home life as a sort of proving ground. Regardless, if you've started thinking about putting a ring on your roommate, I've got the Authentic Avenue episode for you.

(And I have a promo code for you. Think of it as an early wedding present.)

Andrew Lim is the co-founder of Holden, a brand forging custom rings for the modern couple. The word of the day is "inclusivity": I've covered this word before, but not often in the context of building from the ground up with it (and moreso with larger orgs which have to adopt it). We chat about this as well as Andrew's story on today's show.

Enjoy and, if you're shopping for a ring yourself: head over to and use promo code AA25 for $25 off your first order. AA25, $25 off. Pretty simple.


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