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Holler | Sarah Aitken: Next-Gen Conversation

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

This is the cover for the Authentic Avenue podcast episode with Sarah Aitken, Chief Marketing Officer of Holler, and host Adam Conner.

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When you're in charge of revolutionizing conversation, what happens when revolutionary conversation comes to you?

Today on Authentic Avenue, my guest is Sarah Aitken. She's the Chief Marketing Officer of Holler, a next-gen tech company which aims to overhaul our digital person-to-person communications with richer, more engaging media than your typical text.

On today's show, we discuss what exactly a "next-gen" tech company is (shouldn't all tech be "next-gen"?), as well as the implications of being a technology which is, by nature, tied to our most personal digital moments.

We also talk about what it means in 2020 to be one of the few tech companies with a black founder & CEO (shout out to Travis Montaque). With this year came the latest conversations about racial injustice and inequality. You'll learn how Holler has risen with the responsibility to speak through a content engine it hopes will be your go-to for all things diversity, inclusion, and belonging. (See the resultiing project, DIB Source, here:

(By the way, here is another fantastic marketing podcast on which Travis recently appeared, if you'd like to get deeper into this story:

So listen in as I get real with Holler and Sarah Aitken.


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