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Made In | Jake Kalick and Chip Malt: What's Cooking?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

This is the cover for the Authentic Avenue podcast episode with Jake Kalick and Chip Malt, cofounders of Made In, and host Adam Conner.

This is a link you can use to find Authentic Avenue, a marketing podcast hosted by Adam Conner, on Apple Podcasts. Remember to subscribe, rate, and review!

Made In: the DTC cookware brand which raises a glass to you raising your standards.

Today you'll meet its cofounders, Jake Kalick and Chip Malt. Though the brand is just a few years old, their product story begins in 1929 -- a fact which offers valuable learning to the podcast with regard to how brand development strengthens one's authenticity over time.

We also talk about how digitally native brands vs generationally-built ones differ, as well the ways in which Made In flips the universe when it comes to partners and supply chain.

So look sharp and enjoy the conversation today as I get real with Made In through Jake Kalick and Chip Malt.


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Theme Song: Extreme Energy (Music Today 80) Composed & Produced by Anwar Amr Video Link:

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