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Oatly | Mike Messersmith: The Oat GOAT

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

This is the cover for the Authentic Avenue podcast featuring Mike Messersmith, President North America at Oatly, and host Adam Conner.

Milk. It’s good for coffee, cereal, shakes. Just an all around good drink. And where does it come from?

[Imagine a cow moo'ing. Click that play button below to hear it.]

No! Well, yes, but also no! And if you're saying, "what? What are you talking about Adam?" You’ll have to find out on today’s Authentic Avenue.

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Oatly! A Swedish dairy substitute powerhouse that’s been around for 25 years. But only in the US for about three.

Mike Messersmith has been their North American president during this ride, and together he and the brand have ridden the wave of different alternative beverages hitting the market. And today I learn a slew of new terms: oat milk, oatfinder, "oatgurt."

Yes, I said "oatgurt."

So whether you’re a frequent consumer or have no idea what I just said, I think you’ll get a lot of our conversation today with the brand that works hard to be The Oat GOAT. So pour a glass with me and listen in as I get real with Oatly and Mike Messersmith.

Try the Oatfinder and get yourself some Oatly!


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