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Odyssey3D | Jimmy Chan: A Journey, and Home of the Misfits

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

This is the cover for the Authentic Avenue podcast episode with Jimmy Chan, Managing Director of Odyssey3D, and host Adam Conner.

Moving into a new place always feels like a new chapter, a new piece of your personal story. It’s the journey behind the journey that makes up a rather epic installation of the podcast on today’s Authentic Avenue.

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Odyssey3D: a brand specializing in bringing virtual tech to real estate.

Meet Jimmy Chan, their co-founder and Managing Director. Jimmy likens the Odyssey he founded to his odyssey in founding it, and today describes the company as a home of the misfits.

Today, you’ll learn more about new ways to recruit, further business philosophy, and how to scale authenticity, including an interview question I’ll probably steal someday. So start packing your things and enjoy as I get real with Odyssey3D and Jimmy Chan.

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