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Talking to Gen Z with JUV Consulting | Ziad Ahmed

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

This is the cover for the Authentic Avenue podcast episode with Ziad Ahmed, Founder and CEO of JUV Consulting, and host Adam Conner.

I talk to chief executives, founders and marketers a lot about Gen Z and the importance of capturing their perspective and their purchases. But admittedly, I haven’t really talked to Gen Z. That changes now and today’s Authentic Avenue.

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JUV Consulting: the firm that knows you need Gen Z more than you know -- and they can help with it.

Ziad Ahmed is their fearless founder who operates the business whilst being a full-time student at Yale. His accomplishments have landed him on Forbes lists and in the boardrooms of some of the highest-profile brands out there to serve as a messenger for the youngest generation in the economy.

Today, Ziad serves as the messenger to me, and lets me in on the way Gen Z is best marketed to. So reminisce on your own youth and enjoy as I get real with JUV Consulting and Ziad Ahmed.


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