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The Farmer's Dog | Eric Tsytsylin: Challenging Big Kibble

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

This is the cover for the Authentic Avenue podcast episode featuring Eric Tsytsylin, Head of Brand at The Farmer's Dog, and host Adam Conner.

I think dog kibble looks like Cocoa Puffs. That’s weird. The good news is I have someone who can tell me how to find something a little better on today’s Authentic Avenue.

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The Farmer’s Dog: known for bringing human-grade food to your dog’s bowl.

Meet Eric Tsytsylin, their Head of Brand. He serves as a challenge to Big Kibble and a change to an industry which he believes has merely marketed your mutt’s meal rather than made it markedly better for far too long.

Today, I sit down with Eric and blow the cover off the assumptions of what your pet’s diet should look like. So roll over and enjoy as I get real with The Farmer’s Dog and Eric Tsytsylin.


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